Back To Black

Well, obviously I wasn't on...for quite long time. Well, i've decided to get back. BUT...
I really need your help, because it's so hard to run a blog, when you're running it only for yourself. So come join in, tell your friend and neighbours, if you're a blogger - show me your blog, write comments and messages to me and I'll answer to your questions. I'm not as scary as I look (:D), so don't be afraid to contact me...

Untill next time and best wishes, Acid S. Doctrine.



Today I had a new photoshoot, called lobotomy. Enjoy.

Mua/hair/model/phpgraphy/edit:Me(Acid S. Doctrine)

Colour your face

Nothing big, I just had this today.


Colour your face

Sea Deep.
Ok, i don't have any real good pictures of this, so I'm putting up these.



Sooo...I got new heels! Pole dancers heels. They were so cheap and so lovely that I couldn't help myself. Now I need to make sure to match some "normal" clothing with them, so I wouldn't look like a stripper...:D


Chanel Couture Fall/Winter 2009/2010


The wall

Man, that wall. I'd love to have it.

Hard as Nails

Great shot. Great styling. Great clothes.

Make-up whores

All you make-up lovers should visit Coastal Scents for their amazing palettes.
I AM a make-up whore. I just adore it. Unfortunately I can't purchase through net, so there goes my dreams, but if you can you should realy consider of buying one of those palettes.

My totally favourite one. It has 88 colors and is only for $18.95.

Oscar de la Renta Fall/Winter 2009/2010

This season Oscar de la Renta gave us some really amazing pieces.
Of course, they're a bit of kitsch, but if all kitsch would look THAT good, this world would be an amazing place to live in...

See all collection here.

Givenchy fall/winter 2009/2010 shoes, bags & accessories

We all saw Givenchy's 2009/2010 amazing accessories.
Here I give you my top ones.

See all collection here.

Exotic Clothes by ConfessionNY

When I saw this site first time I couldn't breath. I was in such sheer amazement.
When you hear the word "exotic" you automatically think of Africa or something like that. It has nothing to do with this site.
The designs are exotic with their "seductive victoriana" - like looks.
These designs were created by an Amazing designer Karen von Oppen. No one can tell her that something's impossible. And we can see that very well...
This item is my ABSOLUTE Nr.1 in all site. I can spend hours drooling on these laced-up leather pants. They're only custom made and that makes me think that I don't even want to know the price. I would kill for them...or die. :D
Whole white leather costume (it actually has a corset-style collar, but pictures don't show it). It's a fantasy outfit, though you can use only corset and it would make perfect not-so-everyday garment.
I just love ruffles, lace and corsets , so this corset made my eyes pop out. It's only one-of-a-kind, so bye bye my all far far dreams...
You could think that the site is very pricey. Well, I can't say how much are for the custom mades, but ready-to-wear waspies, lingerie and jewellery are at quite normal prices.
Enjoy my other beloved items.