Circus Edition

This was inspired by amazing Amelia Arsenic, circus and a song called "Sideshow" By Gothminister.

I've started doing my "Circus edition" on Polyvore. It will be a serie of sets made with a hint to circus freaks. Every set matches one personality from circus and it has it's own little history or something refering to particular freak. Sooo....

Ladies and Gentleman! Boys and Girls! Dead and soon to be ones! Welcome our scary, mysterious and crazy, yet undeniably stylish circus freaks!

Circus Madamme
Circus Edition Pt I: Circus Madamme
The most respected person in the circus. Everyone listens to her commands, because no one wants to feel her wrath above their heads.

Job: Watches order in the circus. Commands to everyone.

Free time:Whoring herself.Being vainBrushing her hair.

Favourite time: At her vanity table and shopping.

The Actress
Innocence?Not quite.She's the master of disguise and can hide her ferocious inside under her sweet outside.Her name has two meanings: her job in the circus and personality.

Job:Theatrical side of the circus.She creates strange, sweet and at the same time scary atmosphere while performing her silent acts. No one dares to make a sound while she's acting. The deadly silence creates even more uncomfortable atmosphere.

Likes:Bows! Bows! Bows!Lace,Black and white

Free time:Reading books about the art of performance.Making her own clothes and accessories.Playing with her black and white bunnies.

Favourite time:Performing.making her way to the top

The Showgirl
Dangerous, strange, playful.She is what she is. And she's working to be the best.

Job:The host of the evenings.Nothing makes such a wonderful host as The Showgirl.The love for attention makes her perfect.


Free time:Drawing everyones attention to her.

Circus Edition Pt. IV: Ghost

A dead girl?Yes she is.Why she's in circus?The circus become her damnation.After that it became her home.The story?"Long time ago one girl went to see the circus in her town. After that no one saw her ever again...". That's it.

Job:Scaring, what else?

Likes:Feeling fear that she creates all around her.

Favourite time:Appearing from nowhere.

The Bearded lady
Circus Edirion Pt. V: The Bearded Lady
Looks like a gangster you say?Don't trust her.Ever.

Job:What?You don't know what bearded ladies do in circus?

Likes:Guns.Al Capone.Robert De Niro being a gangster.

Favorite time:Cleaning her enemies "off board".Gaining respect.

Do you have any suggestions for my new characters? Or maybie old ones?

Hot in the city

Oh I know I know. We've all seen him in bunch of other blogs and stuff. But I just can't hold myself from posting him in my own blog. This cutie is a male model Jethro (Lazenby) Cave. "A son of dark rocker Nick Cave" should come after my previous words. But I can just imagine how much it pisses the boy off. Anyways, it's not the reason why I like him so much.

Life is cruel, because I'd love to meet him (not to weep on my knees and ask him to bee with me. brrr, it's scary when girls do that), because I'd like to know which words I found people talkin' 'bout him are true. Someone described him as a really arrogant asshole, happy to make money from his dad's name. Others described him as a really nice and cool person to hang with. And i've heard the third opinion: that he's a crack smoking idiot. Well, can someone tell me which part is true?
Now, check out some more pictures.


Colour your face

I'm totally in love with make-up.
This is what I had when I went out few days ago.


These heels were made for walkin'...

(11cm heel. Bronx)
My first heels ever. It was past christmas present from my parents, because I was dieing to have these shoes. They rock. No, seriously.
(11cm heel. Raxmax)
In the end of spring I was so desperate to buy a pair of heels for summer. And guess what? In this stupid country you can't find ANYTHING good. I wish I had opportunities to buy via internet, but I don't. However I found these in a bazaar. They looked quite lovely. Thou I can't say they're good quality.
(11cm heel. Raxmax)
My newest cage loves. Bought them in a cheap crappy shop. I just couldn't hold myself, because it was love from first sight. I know they won't last as long as pricey, good quality heels, but I won't wear them daily, so that's not such a big problem.


A Modern Geisha

I'd like to introduce you with my first attempt on doing themed photoshoots.
I have much more planned, but oh well...my lazyness is killing me. And I'd love to have a proffesional camera.
Back to the shoot, it was called "A Modern Geisha". Well, it's pretty self explanatory. Hope that I don't need to explain you who's who.
(Press on a picture to see a bigger version)

Make-up/model/hair/picture/styling/edit: me(Acid s. Doctrine)

In few pictures you kind of get to see my favourite polkadot bra. I'm addicted to polkadot.:)

Here she goes...

Greetings, Earthlings!
Ok ok, I'm not an alien.
I'm your average teenage girl from a small, stupid country.
And now I'm gonnaaa blah blah blah...wake up!
I'm sure we're not in an AA meeting, that's why I won't write the stupid introduce page.
However, My name's Gvenda(pretty strange name in all countries).
When someone asks it the second question goes "Whaaaat?".
I'm used to that.
You can call me Shatogtar or Acid S. Doctrine if you want.
Ok...Gotta go and get some sleep.
Bye bye, babes!