This picture is my current desktop.
This picture is my current addiction.

This picture is my current obsession.

I just can't stop thinking 'bout it.

I was discussing it with my mum and brother recently. Mum detests it. That's all. However rest of us(me and my brother) love it. What we were discussing was: Is this pic authentical? Is it really from the WWII? Or is it just a good replica? I'm more to the replica side since the "old" effect doesn't seem to be very realistic. Maybie I'm confused 'cause it has the "PS age" effect on it. My theory is: why the hell would someone do the fucking ageing effect on authentically old pic? My brother thinks that someone just scanned an old photo and thought it would be cool to do the ageing effect on it. However, I still think it's pretty pointless.

Also, I'd love to know who's the man behind the camera. Maybie that would help me to find out the truth. Unfortunatelly I don't. It was used for "Atrium carceri's" album cover. That's how my brother found it.

Oh by the way: if you suddenly became interested why do I even care for this pic I have to tell you: I'm obsessed with history and wars especially. WWII is one of my biggest passions.

Still hoping to find answers, Acid.

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