Studs & denim

Oh the late update, but…I’m done with my second little project with studs. This one actually involved more work , but it was less pain-in-ass .

I rarely do denim, especially blue. But I’ve been lusting after this top since I’ve found it in my grandma’s closet maybie 4-5 years ago. But it was waaay to big for me. It’s size 40/42 while I usually wear 36/38. My mum used to wear it about 10-15 years ago. It’s pretty much like corset top: it has corset lacing on the back side(however it was really poor so I’ve changed it) and buttons on the front side. I always thought that it looked so glam/rock’n’roll-ish and now when I’m highly into this visual style it was the time to take this baby down.

Fist thing I had to do was taking the sides in. I took in good 10 cm and it was the perfect fit. It lifts boobies up a bit, but not too much and it ends in the thinnest part of my waist.

After fixing the size I and the top were prepared to work with studs. It was way easier then it was when I did the leather top. I didn’t have to do holes with needle at first so it was a child’s play. This top already had the front panel shaped with lines so I decided to stick with the natural pattern and studed the parts between two lines. Also, the sraps are actually buttoned to be like normal tank top, but I highly prefer tieing them retro style on my neck. I really DO love retro.

In the end I have to say: I’m very pleased with how it turned out and really really really want to wear it. I don’t have much clothing it would go good with, but I really want to go out dressed like I did in the pic. I should probably loose some weight first ‘cause I’m really ashamed of my belly.

(click for larger view)

I’m wearing : -My old/new denim top
-New wet-look leggings I bought in “Effigy”
-“New look” heels

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