This picture is my current desktop.
This picture is my current addiction.

This picture is my current obsession.

I just can't stop thinking 'bout it.

I was discussing it with my mum and brother recently. Mum detests it. That's all. However rest of us(me and my brother) love it. What we were discussing was: Is this pic authentical? Is it really from the WWII? Or is it just a good replica? I'm more to the replica side since the "old" effect doesn't seem to be very realistic. Maybie I'm confused 'cause it has the "PS age" effect on it. My theory is: why the hell would someone do the fucking ageing effect on authentically old pic? My brother thinks that someone just scanned an old photo and thought it would be cool to do the ageing effect on it. However, I still think it's pretty pointless.

Also, I'd love to know who's the man behind the camera. Maybie that would help me to find out the truth. Unfortunatelly I don't. It was used for "Atrium carceri's" album cover. That's how my brother found it.

Oh by the way: if you suddenly became interested why do I even care for this pic I have to tell you: I'm obsessed with history and wars especially. WWII is one of my biggest passions.

Still hoping to find answers, Acid.


Colour your face

Here's some latest make-up styles I had.



Ice Cold Matter


Btw, you may have noticed: I'm growing back my brows!!!

Studs & denim

Oh the late update, but…I’m done with my second little project with studs. This one actually involved more work , but it was less pain-in-ass .

I rarely do denim, especially blue. But I’ve been lusting after this top since I’ve found it in my grandma’s closet maybie 4-5 years ago. But it was waaay to big for me. It’s size 40/42 while I usually wear 36/38. My mum used to wear it about 10-15 years ago. It’s pretty much like corset top: it has corset lacing on the back side(however it was really poor so I’ve changed it) and buttons on the front side. I always thought that it looked so glam/rock’n’roll-ish and now when I’m highly into this visual style it was the time to take this baby down.

Fist thing I had to do was taking the sides in. I took in good 10 cm and it was the perfect fit. It lifts boobies up a bit, but not too much and it ends in the thinnest part of my waist.

After fixing the size I and the top were prepared to work with studs. It was way easier then it was when I did the leather top. I didn’t have to do holes with needle at first so it was a child’s play. This top already had the front panel shaped with lines so I decided to stick with the natural pattern and studed the parts between two lines. Also, the sraps are actually buttoned to be like normal tank top, but I highly prefer tieing them retro style on my neck. I really DO love retro.

In the end I have to say: I’m very pleased with how it turned out and really really really want to wear it. I don’t have much clothing it would go good with, but I really want to go out dressed like I did in the pic. I should probably loose some weight first ‘cause I’m really ashamed of my belly.

(click for larger view)

I’m wearing : -My old/new denim top
-New wet-look leggings I bought in “Effigy”
-“New look” heels


Studs & leather

I've received a packet of pyramid studs. I've been lusting to get my hands on them for so long(I couldn't find them to buy almost anywhere in LT). Anyways, I've exchanged them with a gurl on the site I've mentioned before. They are used so it's not as easy to work with them as I wish it would be.

My nails were itcing tellin' me "what to do, what to do". Well, I knew exactly what to do. I had this leather top my mum bought me few years ago. Since then it saw daylight only few times, because I just didn't "felt" it. Something was missing...

The great beginning
The halfway
...studs were missing!
The final product

I didn't want to put on much. Thought it would be too crowded. Now I'm feelin' it way better.

My next stop is moms old denim "corset top". I do denim really rarely, but that top is very rock'n'roll/glam and I love it. I'll have to take in on the sides at first 'cause it's waay to big...and I've already started.

hugs'n'kisses, Acid.


Should I cut your grass?

Few weeks ago I was visiting my garden-plot(or however you call it). I was waaaay bored and while digging through old scythes, shovels, etc. I found a pair of sunglasses. Big, funky sunglasses. Oh man were they dirty. I took them to the house with me asking could I take them under my wing and my grandpa said(in slow motion):"Hmmmmm, I was cutting grass with them".
Gramps, how could you?!

Turned out they were my moms the time when I was very little or wasn't even born(don't know exactly)

I have my big funky glasses and I'm not looking. I'm not looking at you, mr. Alien.
Oh glasses, you and I look so smokin' together...


How she wears: zebra legs!

Zebra print leggings?! Should I? Could I? Well, in fact, I did. I've exchanged them with one girl to my handmade brooch. I know it MAY look cheesy/lame/slutty, but animal print is one of my big loves. I'm putting up some pics, though, they are pretty lame, because I don't have the abilities to take good pics of my outfits(that IS really lame). Anyways, the outfit you see is just something I found lying on the sofa and floor as soon as I entered my home, because I was just burning to try these leggings on.
Wearing them with:(not writing brands 'cause I simply don't know them, most of my clothing I get from secondhand shops)
-black lonsleeved tee
-white leopard tank top
-leather skirt
-Iron Fist Muerte Punk heels
-studded belt
-chanel knock-off bag



So I've been making jewellery for almost a year now. It's not something "wow!!!" or anything, but I still like it. In fact, I started making it for myself, but I didn't wore some of my handmade jewellery at all, so I decided to sell/trade it on special sites in Lithuania(manodrabuziai.lt or mainyk.lt). Anyways...thought I'll share it with you....

stay gorgeous, Acid.


That time

Yes...IT IS that time of the year. It is Bikini Season. And I don't even have a bathing suit. I'm not keen on buying a cheap, lame, first-I-grab one. I know what I want and I assume that I don't have chances to find it here in Lithuania. I'm a big lover of retro/pin-up style. Did you guessed what I want from my bathing suit already? Yes...it should be pin-up styled. And marine themed are my favourites now.

Vintage Inspired One Piece Barbie Swimsuit

Love almost everything on this site(not only from Swimwear section) Pin-up girl clothing

kisses and hugs, Acid.



Today I went foodshopping with my mom and just for the sake of it we took a break in a nearby secondhand shop. I found few pieces of clothing and they looked terribly on me, BUT my mom suddenly dug this fake Chanel bag out of the pile of all kinds of destroyed bags. It's not exactly what I wanted 'cause it's small and not lacquered, but you wouldn't guess how much it cost...I had to spend only 4 poor Lt($1.42). Yes yes...I couln't believe my eyes.
It's not perfect. It has a flaw on the back side. It looks like someone spilled acetone or smth on it, but again for this price...and you can't even see that damage when you don't know 'bout it.
fellin' like conqueror, Acid.


Feet damnation

It is the right time to make a decision, I think. I HAVE to get a pair of low-heeled shoes. Only ones I have are my sneakers. They don't really fit my style now so I'm trying to avoid wearing them. But when I get a chance to buy a pair of shoes I just can't waste my money on low-heels. I don't even like them. I don't know. It just looks like they can't be elegant or sexy so I have no point to buy them. Except that I can't always walk in heels. oh...what a damnation...I don't know what to do now. I'm completely lost. My main dream now is to unexpectedly come across a pair of perfect looking, low priced, low-heeled shoes. But the main problem is: I have no idea how my low-heeled shoes should look like. Simply 'cause I don't want them.

If anyone's out there: if you find great looking low-heels please, tell me.

miserable, Acid.


Guilty pleasures

I must admit it. I WANT one of those fake Chanel bags that are so popular between Lithuanias orange-faced, blonde-brained chicks. I know. It's pretty wrong to want something like that. But they really DO look great. It's not my fault that sometimes bad-tasted chicks start to like something that is great. I don't think they actually like it. It's just a trend now. Just like it was fake LV bags and "Burberry" scarves in winter. Anyways. I know a place to buy it pretty cheap and I think I will give myself in as soon as I receive some extra money. I couldn't find an exact pic on how they look but I'm giving you a hint: It's retty much like the bag below only lacquered. I'm not sure yet which chain color to choose - gold or silver - but I'll probably go for silver.

While searching eBay for photos of the bag I was talkin' about, I came across these wonderful bags:

Oh my heart is braking apart and spitting vomit...
life is cruel, Acid.


Frill me

HOW CUTE ARE THEY!?? I was helping my friend to find a bag on Amazon.uk and I scooped on these cuties. I can't believe that they are so damn cheap. Do you have any idea why? Well I don't...and I still love them. Can't even choose between the colour. White looks just so virgin, black is so rock chick and I love how vintage grey looks. Would love to get one...but I'll have to be satisfied with dreams. If you have money go and buy one! And I'm being serious. I foundhem here (I saw them on Ebay too)

Kisses, Acid