Guilty pleasures

I must admit it. I WANT one of those fake Chanel bags that are so popular between Lithuanias orange-faced, blonde-brained chicks. I know. It's pretty wrong to want something like that. But they really DO look great. It's not my fault that sometimes bad-tasted chicks start to like something that is great. I don't think they actually like it. It's just a trend now. Just like it was fake LV bags and "Burberry" scarves in winter. Anyways. I know a place to buy it pretty cheap and I think I will give myself in as soon as I receive some extra money. I couldn't find an exact pic on how they look but I'm giving you a hint: It's retty much like the bag below only lacquered. I'm not sure yet which chain color to choose - gold or silver - but I'll probably go for silver.

While searching eBay for photos of the bag I was talkin' about, I came across these wonderful bags:

Oh my heart is braking apart and spitting vomit...
life is cruel, Acid.

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