Oh Jeffrey Campbell...why on earth did you had to make such fantastic pair of shoes?!! I know they're not something new, but I just can't hold myself so I'm posting them here too. They are just AMAZING!!! I'm dreaming 'bout them since the first second I saw them.

Ya know...I was browsing them through Google and in one site I saw someone saying they are only $179.95. God, the gurl's happy. It's an astronomic price to me! I doubt I could buy such an expensive pair of shoes ever in my whole miserable life.

Anyways...let's gaze at them again.
(I just love them in black but I can't say that I even like them in white. It just seems wrong.)

Totally not to the theme...ok, the name fits. A great song by a great band.

Psyclon Nine - Clinik


Acid S. Doctrine

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