Update on fists

So...yesterday I went out in them. They didn't got any special damage. At least I couln't notice it. Though I didn't walked much in them. I was mostly sitting. But I realised that they're a bit too big. I can walk only very slowly and in tiny steps with them. :( Sad. well, I'm hoping to buy those little pads you stick to the inner back of your shoes to prevent it from slippering and rubbing. Well see how that work...

I must admit. They ARE beautiful

(Click on the pic for full sized image)

If anyone else know how to keep them from falling off my feet you know...you can note me :)

Love, Acid.

2 komentarai:

  1. I have to agree with you, they ARE beautiful =) I checked their other boots on the internet and recognized the green and pink Zombie - I saw two girls in my city wearing them. hah, they surely look creepy and awesome :D but I liked these http://www.thealternativestore.net/images/_zoomMagnify/119310.jpg and these http://www.kinkyangel.co.uk/U53RD1R/images/kinky/iron/shoe2.jpg the most. I wonder if I can get Iron Fist in Slovakia :D but I would hate the fact that the front is 'opened' because I always like wearing tights in high heels.

  2. Yes the first pair of Iron Fists I saw and wanted to have were zombie stompers. But green...I just wouldn't find what to wear with them. I liked "Muerte Punk" in charcoal too, but since they came in this color way later I was more into turquoise. Besides, I really wanted to buy a pair of vivid colour shoes for summer.

    I actually like most of the Iron Fists. They have some beautiful closed-toe heels, too.
    I wanted to have almost all of them. But now, when I know the quality, it would probably be just a waste of money.