Boring crappy shoe story...

Sooo...Yesterday I went to post office and took my long-waited package consisting of...a pair of shoes, of course. What else?

These Iron Fist Muerte Punk platform heels in turquoise/red were my lust for almost two years. I've never thought I'll be able to buy them. And when I got the opportunity...they were SOLD OUT everywhere. I wrote an e-mail to Iron Fist and found out that they won't be making them ever again. Can you imagin how upset I was? Browsing google for all shops and nothing. But the I remembered the shop where I first saw them Soho's. And yesh...tears of joy, and jumping all over tellin' my friend "order them!" (yes, he's nice like that :)).

It wasn't a super big price, but for my family £55 pounds are pretty big money, especially now (dunno if you heard that, but we have a real big financial crisis here in Lithuania). Anyways, to the point. For this price I expected them to be if not perfect then, at least, good or even very good quality. For such a high-claiming brand like Iron Fist I really didn't expected them to be such crappy quality. I wore them only in my home and I can see that they won't last long. But what's more: they will last really short as good-looking shoes.
When I first looked at them I saw that they had some spoilage, but I thought "oh well, I'll forgive them". They also were covered in something like sticker glue (ewww?) Then I've noticed that the heel was covered with really bad material. I know because I had shoes from that material(I bought them in a market so I knew that I was buying a crap, but I desperately needed something to walk in), BUT they cost a half cheaper AND the heel(with half of shoe) broke off after max 15 times of wearing (back then I wore heels for very short time periods). Ok back to hte theme... the inner side of shoe is covered with images as you see in the pic above. Well, they already started fading. And I've noticed that slightly hittin them one with other does really bad damage with the print outside...
oh well. Dunno how am I supposed to walk in them. I think I'll try them on tommorow for my last guitar lesson. I'll let you know if I came back home with shoes or with tatter. Maybie I will be surprised and will have to say sorry...


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