How she wears: zebra legs!

Zebra print leggings?! Should I? Could I? Well, in fact, I did. I've exchanged them with one girl to my handmade brooch. I know it MAY look cheesy/lame/slutty, but animal print is one of my big loves. I'm putting up some pics, though, they are pretty lame, because I don't have the abilities to take good pics of my outfits(that IS really lame). Anyways, the outfit you see is just something I found lying on the sofa and floor as soon as I entered my home, because I was just burning to try these leggings on.
Wearing them with:(not writing brands 'cause I simply don't know them, most of my clothing I get from secondhand shops)
-black lonsleeved tee
-white leopard tank top
-leather skirt
-Iron Fist Muerte Punk heels
-studded belt
-chanel knock-off bag

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