Studs & leather

I've received a packet of pyramid studs. I've been lusting to get my hands on them for so long(I couldn't find them to buy almost anywhere in LT). Anyways, I've exchanged them with a gurl on the site I've mentioned before. They are used so it's not as easy to work with them as I wish it would be.

My nails were itcing tellin' me "what to do, what to do". Well, I knew exactly what to do. I had this leather top my mum bought me few years ago. Since then it saw daylight only few times, because I just didn't "felt" it. Something was missing...

The great beginning
The halfway
...studs were missing!
The final product

I didn't want to put on much. Thought it would be too crowded. Now I'm feelin' it way better.

My next stop is moms old denim "corset top". I do denim really rarely, but that top is very rock'n'roll/glam and I love it. I'll have to take in on the sides at first 'cause it's waay to big...and I've already started.

hugs'n'kisses, Acid.

2 komentarai:

  1. Wow, you are so creative! I admire that you were able to do it and did it. Because I, too, have some old clothes which after some 'repair' would look good or at least good for some photos, but I always just think about it and never do a thing.
    And I love your fishnet top. I've been wanting one for a long time but I don't know where to get it.

  2. yeah my nails were itching to do something with those studs. Actually I'm one of those who think very often, but do very rarely. But it's summer. Have plenty of time to waste. Besides, I was out of money and I desperately needed some new clothing :D

    I actually got my fishnet top at the second hand shop for like an 1,5 euro. Also have few others from various second hand shops. So I suggest lookin' there...